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Website and Mobile Application


1. Domain name rental, web hosting and email
2. Web and Mail maintenance
3. Website Design or E-commerce
4. Writing Text content and graphic design
5. Mobile application design on IOS and Android


IT Park Maintenance

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1. Computer park Audit
2. Preventive Maintenance (Soft & Hardware)
– Perform performance and safety audits
– Schedule regular antivirus and antimalware scans
– Delete temporary files
– Perform software updates
– Check the cables of the computer system: connections, electrical insulation and physical condition;
– Clean IT equipment (dust, overheating, etc.)
3. Corrective maintenance:
– Repair defective equipment

S.I Security


1. Penetration testing on your web applications
2. Vulnerability scans for your workstations
3. Implementation of an IS security policy
4. Charter of good use of assets
5. Training of end users of the information system