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The customer :

Der Mond Oil and Gas

Achievements :

  1. Logo & Animated Logo
  2. Graphical charter
  3. Graphics support
  4. Website
  5. Opening day coverage
  6. Guest interview

Context :

Der Mond Oil and Gas is an oil company based in Abu Dhabi (UAE) with offices in the United Arab Emirates (Middle East), Europe (France) and West Africa (Senegal).
Der Mond Oil and Gas wants to become one of the major players in this industry with West Africa as a strategic destination.
It is in this context that Comit-lab brings its expertise in the field of digital communication. In order to propel the image of Der Mond Oil and Gas, we have set up :

– A website that we manage
– An animated logo
– covering an event
– And realization of interviews

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– And realization of interviews

Preventica Der Mond Oil And Gas

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