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The customer :

Complexe Blue Phoenix

Achievements :

  1. Logo & Animated Logo
  2. Graphical charter
  3. Graphics support
  4. Website
  5. Commercial
  6. Opening day coverage
  7. Guest interview
  8. Promotion on networks

Context :

The Blue Phoenix complex is a convalescence, fitness and well-being center.
Our adventure began with the choice of the complex’s name Phoenix because as the legend says “The phoenix is ​​always reborn from its ashes”. Which represents the vision of the center.
The color Blue is a reference to the geographical orientation (Seaside) as well as the soothing properties linked to balneotherapy (Jacuzzi, Hammam, Bubble bath, Aquagym etc)
From then on, a relationship of trust was established between CBP and Comit Lab to represent their outsourced digital agency.
« Focus on your core business and let us manage your digital environment»

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